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[Locked] What is your Halo Wars 2 Wishlist?

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I would ask for continued guys are a business at the end of the day so any new dlc you guys put out in would support that .so year 2 season pass I suppose but I can only speak for myself.
Fix the way units don't respond to commands would be nice ........that's really it for me
1- Remastered maps from HW1

2- Either make Banished Raid 2 points or put something interesting on the second (it's the one point that I feel I'm wasting) perhaps shields for Rangers or Banshees (those are 'Volir's stuff, and shields might be easier to program than a Y)

3-Switch Cutter's Jerome with Boomerang Co., They were cool on Spearbraker and he is lame compared to the other Spartans.
Good Ideas!
I would love to see Boomerang Co. as Cutter's Hero! That would be awesome!

Also I think Elite Rangers need some kind of upgrade, Shield seems like a nice and simple idea. (maybe jetpack ability, Sprint, or Needler Rifle Upgrade could work too)
I honestly just want one thing and that is having prophet back. Either that or a flying hero unit.
I honestly just want one thing and that is having prophet back. Either that or a flying hero unit.
The retriever is the closest to a flying hero you're gonna get. So play more Anders!
1. 2 new heros, prophet of regret and maybe master chief. Some new UNSC character
2. Halo wars 1 maps redone or remastered to fit in halo wars 2, cuz lets be honest here there isnt much variety. And some of those maps were really good.
3. And ig just fix alot of the bugs and help the game run smother with out the game freezing when something big happens.
1 anniversary map pack
2 more playable spartan teams
3^make these happen psst ill pay
1. New Leader that's a Air Unit
2. Full Crossplay
3. More Fine tune combat controls/command
4. Mouse and Key support on XBOX
-New maps.
-Bracket system to separate players by skill.
Bracket 1. Levels 0-20.
Bracket 2. Levels 21-40.
41 to 60 and so on.
-Upgrades for elite rangers such as shield, cloaking, and the addition of another elite.
1. more maps
2. playable flood? (kind of know it won't happen but i hope)
3. add ai to custom terminus firefight games
Please put HW2 on Steam!!! :)

1: Allow asymmetrical teams in skirmish (E.g: 3 AI vs 1 player)

2: Option to uncap population in Custom games

3: More leaders, More maps, More units

I know you said three but.....

-Nerf air in firefight
-Fix the leaders locked bug
-More crossplay options
-Please move the PC text window outside of the battle feed and brighten it! Its very hard to get people too see it right now when i type because its so small
-Allow all lanes to be open in custom firefight with less than 3 players
-Veto map in multiplayer
-More vs AI modes in multiplayer
-More Blitz maps and modes (Custom Blitz etc)
-Make building units without being at my base easier (c&c3 UI would be fantastic)

Fun ideas:
-How about a leader that can drop turret slots around thier teams bases, like barricades but... turret slots :D
-Flood leader?
-Kigyar leader?
-Buzzers/drones as a unit?
-More unique ultimate units

Way out there:
-Map Editor/Builder
  1. Kig 'Yar shipmistress: Ruuhtians can be snipers, Ibie'shan can be the normal shield gauntlet wielding units, a T'vaoan can be a special unit or even the Hero (though I'd love for a Kig 'Yar ship to be the Hero unit)
  2. Steam release
  3. Remake of three maps from the original Halo Wars i.e Fort Deen, The Docks, and Chasm
1. when a player quits replace them with ai

I cannot tell you how many games have been ruined by a disconnect when it becomes a 1v2 you're screwed, this could at least make a victory possible

This one thing is all I ask, disregard my first post, this is the only thing I want
If there was three more things to be added in halo wars 2 I would love to see new super units with specific roles for each leader like cutter for example add in the mammoth or elephant.
The second thing I would say is more multiplayer maps including Firefight maps, maybe even revamped halo wars 1 maps.
my final thing I would love to see is new units or leader powers for each leader espically base game leaders.
Thank you so much for doing this 343, totally awesome. I’d love to see

-new maps, and maybe maps from halo wars 1 and especially for blitz

-a game type with multiple teams instead of two

-possibly playable flood. I know you said you guys weren’t going to add it but it would be easy to do and it would make everyone happier. Thank you guys so much!
Also good rewards for ranking high at the end of the season.
  1. Add HW1 maps, even just one would be nice. Fort Deen, Terminal Moraine, Docks
  2. Balancing: Reduce Jump Pack Brute and Goliath damage. Reduce Unit Slowdown from all Serena's freeze effects, but also reduce the time it takes for a unit to completely freeze to balance it out (this way if players are paying attention, they can move their troops away from the freeze faster, but if they aren't paying attention they'll become completely frozen faster). Buff Atriox Fortifications to where it was at launch, except for shield generators (shield generators are fine where they are now). Heavy grunts need a longer build time and need to cost more because they are completely overpowered in large numbers when accompanied with cannon fodder and a competent teammate. Marine grenade damage against rush units should be increased a tad, so that if you only have Marines when defending you have a chance to survive. Increase effectiveness of shroud a little more, the recent patch helped but it's not quite enough. Reduce air damage against buildings a little more. Increase basic turret damage, not siege turrets. Increase LOS of watch towers a little more. Various bug fixes.
  3. More cross platform (2v2 especially).
1) Some remastered Halo Wars 1 maps would be nice, especially the 3v3 maps (Fort Deen, Labyrinth, and Frozen Valley).
2) Potentially a new leader part of the flood with new units and leader abilities.
3) A couple of new firefight maps would be nice to see, I would probably spend more time in firefight with edition of a couple more maps to pick from.

Bonus: Although it's probably not possible now, it would be cool to see more A.I. in multiplayer. Like how the first Halo Wars had A.I. bases you need to destroy before building your own.

And add matchmaking to Halo Wars Difinitive edition.
1) More varied and interesting challenges or a commendations system like we had in Halo reach. The 'Play this leader so many times' challenges is too boring now.
2) More extensive in-game leader boards.
3) Re-mastered maps from Halo Wars 1
1) Either popular Halo Wars maps, Fort Deen, Docks, chasm, etc. maybe just one or two of them. or entirely new ones that arent visually like the ones we have.

2) "Smart Pings" the ability to ping "On my way", "attacking here", "enemy here", etc something similar to what League of Legends has for its ping system.

3) Ability to pick your color regardless of what team your on and not just reds or blues. maybe do all Rainbow colors and brown, white and, black. make it limited to custom games only if you feel it will cause issues with identification in public games.
1. More campaign missions like the battle before the spirit of fire arrived at the arc or what happened after anders left.
2.More commanders of different halo games making theyre debut.
3.The flood as a playable race in campaign and pvp.

Please lol.
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