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What keeps you coming back?

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I think it is the continuing attempts to balance the game. A changing and more balanced meta allows for a greater variety of viable leader/unit interactions which keeps the game fresh and replayable.
I just like to build armies, I kept playing HW1 skirmish mode vs AI for years, and i'll probably be doing the same for this game!

I also like to hunt all the Achievements, which has been fun and challenging for this game.
Lastly, I loved all the DLC content this game, some great missions, modes, and leaders!
What I appreciate most about this game, and the RTS genre in general, is that you are never done learning. Nearly every completed game contains some sort of take-away that you can use in the future to improve your play and increase your chances of winning. I think this facet is enhanced in this game due to the abundance of leaders and styles of play available.

However, I think that alone isn't everything that keeps bringing me back. Without a community of people to have a discourse with about the best and least effective ways to play, I probably would have left a long time ago. I have, and I'd bet a lot of other people, have experienced a sort of mentorship and apprenticeship in communicating with better players and learning the tricks of the trade. Even when I was first starting to play, I was shocked at how open total strangers were to sharing their knowledge. I'd very frequently browse through the leader boards and DM high ranking players who placed with leaders I was interested in learning to play seeking advice about how to get better, and the overwhelming response was always positive, helpful, and selfless.
I just loved the first game and the love moved on to this game, since C&C died I wondered if there would be another console rts fan base and this game kept that hope alive. Thanks for the memories
As a halo fan in general, I had to get the game. Fell in love with HW1. I felt I would get the same with the new rendition called HW2. I was not disappointed.

I love how the game evolved by adding the supply and power element. The controls are like the first game, but the new dynamic makes it feel much more advanced and requires a higher skill gap then the first imo. It keeps the game fresh for me.

The game is fun. There is a lot of effort I see the devs and the community make in balancing and everyone noticing the slight details that was put in the game. MP is a blast, and despite some wild seasons we’ve had in the past, the game is still fun. I may not play as much as I did the first 6 months or so, and with life being getting busier, I might be on less. But mark my words I will always be coming back to play another round or two of death match :from time to time :)
Well, I still play it because its a fun game, no req packs to buy, no points to earn... your just there to have fun.
I love walking around with my Hammer Bros and smashing -Yoink-, never gets old.
Honestly the major variety of strategies is what makes me never get bored of the game
I played Supreme Commander which gave you a starting uber unit like Heroes and I always loved having one special unit that's strong and very important
bc its 2018 and id rather play against new people than the same 5 everyday in hw1.
I quit and go to fortnite and then I see naka and yodas streams and they bring me back. nakas calm stream draws me in and then yodas excitement basically makes me stop what im doing to just get 1 match in to satisfy my craving.
Postums wrote:
Hey Community!

Just wanted to stop in and ask a quick question of what keeps you coming back and playing the game? If you are playing every day, what is it that keeps you on? If you have taken a break from the game and recently returned - what brought you back?

Anyways, thanks for the responses pre-emptively!

what brought me back into playing was you.

I really appreciate your honesty and engagement.

I know that we won't get any additional content but it's cool to see that there are still people working on balance patches and people talking to the community.
Hi there, I play everyday, I am more of a casual player. I love playing deathmatches, building my army, creating a good composition army, feeling that I outsmart my enemy, cooperating with allies, in general I like that feeling of ranking as well, getting higher rank... The stort mode as well, I like from time to time play the campaign, I love the voice acting, the graphics and the sound effects.

In general I could said I just love this game.
The game itself is amazing, it's so much fun to jump into multiplayer with a group of friends. The fact that its an Halo RTS is a huge reason why I play, but also because of the group of guys I've met through grinding. We may have a problem with toxic players but there are some really cool and chill players out there, and I definitely plan to play this game for years to come just like the first Halo wars.
I agree with almost all of the points made here (content variety / story / multiplayer / community / graphics / controls), but what keeps me and my friends playing is the simple fact that Halo Wars is fun _and_ relaxing.

It isn't because the game is easy or boring, in fact I feel quite the opposite, but there is a substantially different player experience in a game like this vs. a twitch based shooter. Many people I know who don't have the reflexes for FPS games can rule in an RTS because it requires a lot of forward thinking and planning. I also find that I can sit down and enjoy a single game easily without a major commitment of time even after a very long day of work. I have already put in over 250 hours and will continue playing until the next one comes out (hopefully). I also appreciate all of the DLC as the overall value per hour of content I have received is incredible. This is by far the best RTS I have ever played on any game console.

The continued support is also a key component for me. The balance patches are critical and very welcomed. Engaging with the community (top players, etc.) to better understand what works and what needs to be tweaked gives all of us a reason to see how the game now plays. Having 16 leaders but only 4 that work well has limited the diversity in the past.
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