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What leader are you? (quiz)

OP CarsandCameras

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I enjoyed the quiz. All good questions, but I got Arbiter, which is OK, but it really should've been Cutter, Trox, or Colony.
Was fun, but I don't like Atriox and it said I was Atriox... Sad... Was hoping for Arbiter :P. Nice quiz tho for real
Halo 1: "ODST's Inbound"
Halo 2: "Spartan Jerome here."
MysticKami wrote:
I got Arbiter. This thing is broken.
You have to answer honestly, for example, you do think air is op?
Sorry for bumping this old thread but....i got colony 😆
I got Shipmaster
I got forge. Which is odd, I main serina.
The best leader is isabel
I got Cutter. Wow I'm shocked!

So who's the lord of war?
i wish i knew
There were a couple questions towards the end in which I had no idea what you were talking about lol but overall this was pretty sweet! Plus i got Isabel and she’s always been my main! Thanks for sharing!
Not my favorite but I got shipmaster
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