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[Locked] who are the best leaders now after patch?


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Ou, I love tier lists. Here's my take;

SS - Arby
S - Cutter, Anders, Kinsano
A - Jerome, Isabel, Forge
B - Yap, Decimus, Serina, Vord, Pav
C - Atriox, Shipmaster
D - Johnson, Colony

Fun facts:

-a large factor in this list is UNSC > Banished
-Cutter, Anders, and Isabel have among the best heros in the game. Kinsano's hero is also very, very strong
-Kinsano has some of the best base stripping tools in the game
-Atriox would be D Tier if it weren't for his Jump Brutes
-Johnson isn't a bad leader, he just really struggles in early-mid game and can be walked on
-Colony also isn't a bad leader, but just doesn't really shine anywhere
Cutter, Anders and Isabel have the best heroes in the game must be a typo, maybe leader powers definitely not heroes.
Colony shines in early rushes, especially now with the skitter buff that means Goliath's got better as well if skitters are attached to them.
No, not a typo. Allow me to explain.

-Spartans don't die. If you're Banished, good luck killing a Spartan, seriously
-Spartan stuns win games and allow for amazing LP combos
-Excluding Jerome, Spartans have amazing DPS; capable of fighting small armies

The only hero that is better would be the The Arbiter, and arguably Kinsano (situational).

As for Colony, his early game is easy to shut down, especially as UNSC, and is very expensive. His mid game is weak and his late game is okay. He's just not that great.
Decimus' Warlord is a Hero Killer at T2 and is decent at T1.
Decimus drop is anti air, I dropped him on some hornets and did his Y ability omg they were all 1 shot afterwards. I've only gotten Decimus to lvl 1 but can you imagine the Y ability as a lvl 3 that thing would be the equivalent to a mac blast haha.

New life goal get Decimus drop to lvl 3 then pub stomp an army :)
First off I'm definitely no pro but it seems like the same leaders and being used and mass air is still a thing. But with this meta I can fight off a mass air attack with almost little to no trouble, just use an offensive leader ability and a couple wolves or reavers and they're done. On the flip side I've noticed more well rounded armies like tanks with AV and air.

My top 5 leaders in any order would be Isabel because of her tanks, Forge because of his forgehog, even if it got nerfed it still seems good and all his drops, Anders because of her sentinels and kodiaks, Cutter because well of course his infantry since they did get a slight buff as AA and Decimus because well he's Decimus. His Nerf to siphon is hardly recognizable thb.

Please don't roast me I like my steaks medium well :)
i like mine .......well done!
Tbh, Kinsano. All her flamethrower units are very op. She is pretty good.
Cutter is pretty good too. ODSTs are fast and don’t die in five seconds.
Johnson isn't THAT bad. Mantises en masse mid game from my experience dominate. Even with the patch I can still reliably wreck armies with a well aimed EMP MAC opening that transitions into a mantis swarm.
There's unofficial tier lists so it's hard to say. I guess you can just say it's a matter of opinion.
Tbh, Kinsano. All her flamethrower units are very op. She is pretty good.
Cutter is pretty good too. ODSTs are fast and don’t die in five seconds.
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