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Why do you think HW2 didn't sell as well as HW1?

OP M0ckingDrag0n

Why didn't Halo Wars 2 sell as well as Halo Wars 1? Do you think they should make a third game?
Maybe because of the mythic map pack DLC disc for halo 3 that came with it. Only reason I was slightly interested in HW was because of the DLC disc. I would assume many others got HW for the disc.
How do you know it didn't sell as well? Genuinely curious since digital sales aren't tracked as far as I know.
Twice as many ppl purchased 360s but game pass and having it on windows pc bring up the numbers
I doubt they will do HW3, though to be honest, I never thought I'd get HW2. I am just grateful for two great games. I'd love a third, of course, but happy with what I have.
Less marketing