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Why is the interface sooo really really bad HW2

OP RaggaMuffinReap

Just started playing Halo Wars 2 will games pass and although i think its really pretty, the emotive story is a really good effort and the blitz mode is quite interesting. Have u guys actually played a decent PC baced RTS, as in played an RTS that wasnt HW1? Why on earth do i have to go back to base to build units? U think u like your nice wheel, whats the point? Just play the old dune 2 and then play C&C and see the progression of the interface between. Then play Kanes Wrath and say to your self OMG they got that spot on then copy the GUI shamelessly. HW1 was proably the last RTS to force a player to go back to base, it was out dated and wrong back then and we forgave u because it was halo, an RTS and it was on console. But nowadays with no side bar or instant wheel thing, dam thats truely unforgiveabl its like u did all your play testing on blitz and then just copied HW1. The console can do it, u just need to tell it how to. I rate game 3*s thats including the +1 for great story.
A bump cause i dropped this xmas eve. and more thats wrong, path finding is really bad, whole colunms get halted by a single unit refusing to move out of the way. I still bught the expansions fair play guys it is a good game
It's an rts built to be played with a controller. It has the most straight forward controls you could get on a controller. The community wanted the similar gameplay as HW1 and were vocal about it the moment they teased the game as far as I know. The path finding is just classic halo wars to be honest, unfortunately. At least Halo wars 2 theyll clip through eacother, although I think the maps don't have enough space for full pop armies, which a lot of the time if you play multiplayer you won't reach.
I know path find is tricky but there is nothing worse than a whole strike force being held up by a lone unit that wont move is really irritating. U would have noticed had u noticed had u not had to leave FOP to go build more stuff. Im not ragging on the game bad, its still a good game. Im just saying making it work like HW1 was a really bad move. Especially when Electronic farts and crew got Kanes Wrath bang on with a controller and thats coming from a mouse user. Lets face it, the hayday of rts is dead, and no matter how good next gen consoles are we not getting DoW3 and certainly not a total war game. So HW2 scratched an itch, fairplay.