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Will there be a Halo Wars 3


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I enjoy both Halo Wars 1 and Halo Wars 2 and was wondering if there will be a third instalment to the game series. Personally I think if there is going to be another game its coming either next generation or in the year 2020/2021.

Would people like to have a third game?
I'd love to have a third game. The story was open ended enough that we could easily have a third Halo Wars set on the Ark.
I would like the have a third game. I think there is a lot of potential for it and I think there are decent chances. I really think its fate rests on how well H6 does. H6 is the AAA money maker, if that does well, Microsoft will be more willing to fund smaller nich projects.
I really hope so, but considering how much smaller and less successive the Halo Wars series is, it's highly unlikely. If we do get a HW3 it'll probably be really far out in the future.
I’d hope but the problem is I feel like 343 gave up on us. Despite the one year release content and the awakening dlc. After that, they only focused on tweaking and updates. Which is cool, but that will only keep te current die hard fans playing and not new players. Which is too bad
if a new halo wars is made just keep updating this one semi fast as currently (monthly at least) and make sure the new one is cross compatable at the start and no out of sync issues unless its so rare it doesn't affect anything.... this is a good strategy game that needs built upon. the random crashing destroyed and caused refunds that never shoulda happened, if yo8u buy a game buy it and deal with the consequences and rely on the team that made it to EVENTUALLY fix it. Microsoft store is not the quickest to verify updates. yes its necessary to keep it Microsoft store to be cross compatible with xbox one but even still.... plus the store does work better now then it ever has before in the past
I still say at this point Id much rather another expansion. But since we heard nothing about one at E3 -- our next experience, if there is one, will likely be HW3.
Most likely in the future. But not for another 5 years at least imo.
I don't see why not. It sold about 500k physical copies, and probably double that including digital versions. $60 a copy, plus revenue from DLC. Awakening the Nightmare had strong reviews and I believe that it sold well. Most of the consistent players buy some, or all, of the leaders. I don't know how much RTS games cost to make, but I'd have to guess no more than $40-50 million (correct me if I'm wrong)

Plus, it was picked up on Xbox Game Pass and I'm sure there is some sort of compensation scheme there.

It's not GTA5 by any means, but the numbers don't seem all that bad.

Also, if Halo Infinite is a success, it will re-spark interest in the brand. Showtime is doing a new Halo series, and that will help as well.

I think 2020/2021 is actually a pretty fair guess.
there is info on a 3rd halo wars and involving space battles that is true but it was failed pitch, but can still happen. Right now for most of you fans to understand, halo wars 2 and halo 5 actually come together according to some details, but that is also unknown but i think it would, also rumours on the flood coming back for halo 6 what will put us off the 3 fronts, to 4 we only ever battled 2 of the 3 since we was the 3rd (humanity) its still unknown, but we will find out NOVEMBER this year when halo 6 should be released.
I hope so. HW1 and HW2 were great, I loved both of them. Not sure about the 2020/2021 release though, especially since we have no information on when Infinite is being released
I would want hw3, but for now they should focus on FPS, due to the toxic community. However, it is possible that they plan to make hw3 in about 10 years. If so, I hope they add space battles.
Calling it now: Space battles with space mechs.
I am hoping for a Halo Wars 3 at some point in the future. I do hope it's post Halo 6s release since i would rather see 343 focus on that game.

However so far, concept art of HW3 has been released to the public, tho sadly it was a ditched pitch. It would involve space battles. My dream since HW1!
Halo wars three would be awesome! I think (just like empire at war) it should have space battles and you should be able to build large permeant bases and (along with the standard campaign) there could also be a large scale domination style game. Think conquest from the OG star wars battlefront 2.

It should also let you create Spartans like the first game but they should have their own unit cap at 3 and also it should let you design formations so when you have the necessary troops they will form into a formation you can create. This would prevent issues like where snipers go to the front lines.

There should also be a forge and it should allow you to create custom campaigns. Though we probably never will get HW3 I would love to see it!
RTS games with a focus on combat will unfortunately always be rather niche. I hold out hope that the franchise will continue sometime down the line, but it probably is not at the top of 343's priority list given how much lower the sales for Halo Wars 2 were compared to the original Halo Wars. If MCC's release on PC combined with the release of Halo Infinite revitalize and grow the Halo fanbase enough,.. who knows what's next?
Just get more resources back into HW2..let's have more maps and leaders rather than HW3 I would like to see a second wave of DLC for this game...Amazing game and needs to be shown more love not left with just 2 guys working on balance fixes.
I'd love for there to be a third one!
Though I personally think they could do something more, like finally letting us play as the Flood! :D
Imagine a Spore like mechanic where you evolve, first controlling your individual flood monster, then evolving into a more local real time strategy (like XCOM) and then finally into a classic Halo Wars like big scale RTS.
I'd love that. :)
I dont want to break the mood of anyone, but i am pretty sure it will not happen
If they decide to do so, it will probably not be released until a long time (at least 10 years)
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