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Honestly the spectator mode is the real first thing to have. Now more and more players or even none players enjoy watching video games. Halo wars2 suits perfectly to streaming. The game is eye candy, with some spectacular power. The newcomer will see how good the game is when play and comment at high level. It brings shine to the game.
It is better than any other commercial break to support the game. Streamers enjoy a lot to comment a pvp where you can see all the action on both side.
Today, sure that some of you notice how in bad shape the dawn of war3 game is. Fact is, players never succed to show how brilliant this game can be at high level. Tournament cant take a real root in the community too, cause of the lack of this mod. it is just too frustrating to organize a thrilling tounrmanent when you cant stream in live what is going on.

Of course, it take time and money to put this option. But honestly HW2 is in good health, and seeing the way players enjoy pvp could be a real way to satisfy them. CA should really think about that. A RTS without observatory mode or replays is just so understable. All older rts games of the past decade deliver this option, but now, it seems to be as a graal to have it (AoE online, Grey Goo, CoH2, receive this, months and months after their release date, and as i say DoW3 still hasn't got it (and will not have it later)

If you need money to put a dev team on that part, i clearly understand that, dont underestimate waht the community can support. If nearly of all the posts here mention "please, spectacular mode" hear us. If i need to play a small amount of money to support that, i will do it. Not sure how the others will act or think, but if it is to see hw2 community growing more and more for the PvP or a more esport aspect, i ll support it.
Crossplay 2vs2 PC / XBOX Tournaments! :)
New Tournament has been spun up and is coming this Friday!
2v2 Blitz tournament at 5:30 PT.
was good
Being lazy with a cut and paste from my other post for thought if anyone thinks this might work. I really miss playing :(

The real issue is that there are new players, casual players and then the group discussing new players. I’ll label the third group “hardcore” gamers. What the hardcore gamers are describing and seeking is really only achieved with a paywall. Initially the paywall was the purchase of the game. Once that paywall was broken down with the subscription free to play it allowed everyone access and it got bad. Hardcore gamers could isolate themselves behind a paywall that is inexpensive, done right there’s your tourney prize money for the winners. Similar to what World of Tanks does but the small fee kind of keeps out people who are out to ruin the fun of other hardcore gamers. The current setup is for A) a hodgepodge of everyone B) ranked where 1 vs 1 is only place available C) hold an objective which I never has matches and D) Blitz, a money grab for micro transaction. There should be casual 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 as well as ranked. No room for new players means no new players. No new players means no profit in making more RTS games means no HW3. So it will be the same small group of people playing HW2 for a long Perhaps the Blitz can be changed for true hardcore fans and instead of blitz packs, purchase tokens for seasons that start new seasons quarterly...what’s five or ten dollars every three months to ensure you are playing others that are serious about rankings. Like professional sports your new hardcore gamers will progress through the hodgepodge matches to casual matches. You get what you get in casual matches so no crying about newbies there but you start to play a bit more seriously and some players will want to test themselves and enter the hardcore series for 5-10$/season. And look...I’m old as -Yoink- compared to most you all so why anyone wants to smurf or how you do it is beyond me, but I think that would eliminate the problems with that too

Big Tourney entries must have previously been the 5-10$/season in pay per season league as a precondition of entry to show some credibility
So glad to see tournaments I love the competitive play we have been seeing!
Would like to participate in a tournament. Any one have had the experience?
A new Map for blitz and firefight would be nice seeing how they only have one.
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