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Yo, yo, yo lets share some strats


Share some strats, so that I and everyone he sees this post can get better.
Rush C, hoard energy, post a small army above & between B&C, hope to the high heavens your teammate caps A/B & doesn't disconnect.
For team games, Isabel hog rush, harass at about 5 mins. Full pop by 8, less than 7 if things go well. Roll into tanks with her shielding ability. Team mate (s) go non vehicle.
Don't play anders. She makes you bad at the game.
Bunker Rush:
Pav, Johnson and one of the following: Jerome, Trox, Conley or another Pav. All players goes leader heavy with light infantry and choppers where possible. Johnson puts points into digging in and bunker with tier 1 on their fortification. As soon as you can have all three leaders group up and attack one of the enemy players main bases (try not to attack a middle base). Johnson drops a bunker and all three leaders jump in. Sometimes this can be absolutely devastating with excessive damage to units and the base and to top it off Pav will constantly heal the Bunker when damaged. Behind this group fast with drop secondary bases and going tech two.

Box of death.
Colony, ship master and Trox
This strat is for late game.
Colony will box in small area in the middle making sure units cannot escape.
Ship master will displace an enemy army into the box.
At the same time Trox drops his 12 o'clock a split second before ship master displaces. Watch'em die.
Make sure you have eyes on the box so Trox can get his leader power off. It doesn't work on air units duh.

The triple ice queen.
Everyone goes Serina work off each other to synergies your leader powers. When it works it works really well. Every fight the enemy fights involves getting ice in their face. Expect them go go air pretty quick.

These are pretty fun but don't work 100 percent of the time.
Personally, I was a big fan of going mostly air with Anders. Sentinels sure are fun.

Other than that, Comm. Jerome and rush for Omega. Basically a rush with flamethrowers and marines with a few rabbits thrown in. Usually works on the AI to an extent.

Colony is a good choice for early game Goliath+Ranger rushes. He also scales really well into late game imo.

I feel like Arbiter should be a viable option, but I have never really gotten him to work outside of P2W mode.