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A cool idea for the HCS

OP GuardianOfExile

Should MLG and ESL do a fantasy draft?

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This is a really good idea I have had for a while. Big companies like ESL and MLG should make a fantasy draft like how ESPN has it for sports like football and people can make a league and draft players and a coach to the team (a coach probably not. I don't even know how they will benefit). And maybe money and that stuff would obviously optional.
Coaches work and are allowed.
I would like to see a real draft. Even out the teams a little bit, and give someone besides EG a chance to win.
A real draft pick would be awesome!
Cool idea!
fantasy draft would be fun
CoD does this through 3rd party things and it's quite entertaining. The only problem is that it's more one sided in Halo. It would basically be 3/4 of the EG roster and then some others so it wouldn't work as well in practice IMO. I could be wrong though.