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Allow Amatuer Players for FFA Tournaments (online)

OP DoctorGames101

To 343 Industries & Microsoft Xbox,

I think 343, along with Xbox Division, should create and have open invites to amatuer Halo players (like myself) to participate and play in Free-For-All (FFA) tournaments for cash prizes this time in both Halo 5 and Halo: MCC's Halo 3, online and/or in-person at Microsoft Stores, officially and more often. I appreciate in participating in the Halo 5 tournament from August 2019, but it was only for Req Packs. This can be a good challenge to almost any gamer that is confident enough to compete and win for cash prizes and to get their feet in the door for higher levels of competitions.

If any gamer is oppose to this, then you do not understand in taking risks and not having the "climb the mountain" mentality. Thank you for your consideration.