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Bring back pro league ?

OP JoeyDMaio

With the current situation going to last for a while, no more LAN events will be held for a good chunk of time. Note also we won’t be able to have any « real » sports events, probably the olympics going to be canceled and all that... So that means for the coming months the only sports entertainment we may get to be organized are going to be online events. Let’s see the good in the bad, this is a great opportunity to fill in the space that will be left wide open by the mainstream sports, and people are going to be seeking things to get into to fight the boredom. Bringing back a pro league or online events shouldn’t be that difficult, players and commentators are probably more than available at the moment :-)

We could have a 6 weeks long league, every week on a different halo title, a tournament on mythic arena in H5, anything really...
a great idea especially with the quarantine this could easily be an Esport that is on ESPN