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Coming back to Halo!


Hey guys, name is Giambro. Just recently coming back to Halo and just picked up the Xbox controller two weeks ago. I am a ex competitive player from 2008-2011. I am currently a staff member for Philly eSports and used to help NJHalo with their set ups. Currently live in New Jersey and it's really good to be back. Ngl. If you are looking for an extra body for customs or matchmaking hit me up!

Add me on Xbox: GGIAMBRO (GGiambro)
Real cool man, welcome back. Philly Esports just a name or is it actually a state team? You know in Overwatch it's like that and Call of Duty is rumored to go into that franchising direction/strategy.
Sweat man that's really cool! Yh definitely hook you up at some point! Glad your getting back into it! 🙂👍
Join da club
That's freaking dope man welcome back
I'm also coming back to Halo and played competitive in Europe whats the best way to connect with the good people!?