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OP n11pples

Is there a central discord or area dedicated for teams and groups to find scrims against other teams? If not, I can see about setting one up globally if that is something the competitive community would like
This would be really cool
Besides the official Halo discord, are there any others that hold a large portion of the competitive community? I am looking to get this set up before DH Anaheim. I know I met a bunch of people at Atlanta and there seemed to be interest around it as well
I think there is a discord for reddit Conpetitive Halo as well
I remember back in the day we would scrim ffa and 4v4 all night for halo 2. It seemed to be a lot easier back then because more people used mics etc.

That would be awesome to have something set up with reguarly scheduled times or a way to sign up for different scrims.