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Diamond Player looking to form a Team Arena Squad


Hello! I am a Diamond 2-3 player looking to form a team to play primarily Team Arena and HCS Competitive Customs vs other teams. What I am looking for is players who are active and play at least 5 days/25 hours a week. It's getting annoying playing on my own all the time and getting paired up with player with no mic or guys who quit.I would like to hold some try outs the next several days and see how we pair up together. I ideally would like to form a team with experienced players who are better than me or at least close to similar skill level at the minimum, so I can continue to learn and grow as a player. Minimum requirements to be seriously considered:

1. Diamond level player.
2. Must have Mic and be active.
3. Have a positive KDA.
4. Mature easy going person who does not complain!

I am 33 years old and I use to play MLG events competitively and I just got on Halo 5 to get me ready for Infinite. I am on East Coast time. My GT is RuNPuRe, send me a message and FR! I've only been playing H5 for 4 months and I keep getting better at the game. I am shooting around 46-48% on a consistent basis the last 6 weeks or so and I am hitting 50% much more frequently as well!

- Jorge "RuNPuRe" Montoya
Would enjoy pairing up. Whosever closest to the server. Teammates that are joining might want to be located nearer vs farther than the server location. Euro, Mex for example my games are smoother when I’m in matches and people from Mexico who are on my team.
Hey I’m down to play any time I just got back into the game too I mostly play swat but I’m down to learn and I’m very flexible in roles I’m an ex plat2 player on siege so I have really decent aim and hit diamond 3 on swat this first season back