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Does anyone actually watch HCS?

OP BaconShelf

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So, I'm not much of an esports guy, but I know enough to know that tournaments such as Starcraft, MOBAs (Aka League of Legends and DOTA2), Hearthstone and such are very popular and getting more popular all the time, with some competitions gaining more views than many 'proper' sports games.

But I constantly see HCS pop up in my YT scrubscriber feed and I got wondering; how many people actually watch Halo esports? I was under the impression that the esports crowd for shooters (Except, say, CSGO) was more or less nonexistant, for Halo, coD, Battlefield and so forth. But I have never cared for esports so I really wouldn't know.

So yeah, how many people actually watch the Halo tournament stuff?
I don't watch it, or any esports for that matter. Occasionally I will watch the haloruns guys like naked eli on twitch, and even rarer I will watch Walshy on twitch. The only HCS event I watched was the All-Stars vs 343 Pros playing Halo 2 on Halo Channel. Noticing how the HCS section of the forum is nothing but recruiters, for the most part, I would assume not many forum members watch it.
I do from time to time. I find watching the HCS for H2A interesting to see how the game has changed with some of the additions to the maps. Seeing Halo 2 played at its highest level can be pretty exciting because of how fast paced it is. Also, one can learn a thing or two about positioning, short cuts, jumps, strategies, etc to implement in their own game.

While I'll probably never be able to have the reflexes with the sniper, or always get 4 shot BR kills like the pros do, a part of me just finds it so cool that every intricacy of Halo is exploited and executed in the matches.

The only gripe I really have is when the commentators say, "Lets have a listen in with *insert team name*." That results in an automatic mute on my TV since I can't stand the constant shouting with callouts :)
Lol no. I would prefer playing games than watching people play them. If I want to watch something, I'll turn on a movie or television show.
I really want to get into it, but have just been busy recently. I want to watch Grifball and Esports.
Console FPS eSports (Halo/ CoD) are on the rise. CoD is seeing more success than ever before and Halo is on its way to getting back to the old MLG days (2006-2011).

If you like Halo, and like watching players who are good, watch HCS. You'll learn tons and will get sucked in. Watch all the updates that are put out on the Halo channel and all the POV you can.

If Halo 5 is competitively viable and we have continued DEV support, HCS will boom in popularity.

If you want to know more, check out Its a community mainly composed of competitive Halo fans.
I watched some Twitch during the H5G Beta, but haven't since then.
Yeah I've watched some HCS (most of season 1 and IG Atlanta from Season 2). Haven't had too much time and used my time to play MCC instead.
I watch eSports literally everyday of my life. Usually after work, before my wife comes home. :)
HC what?
I've watched every tournament. I tune into them so I can learn stratagies from the pros. It helps me get better for when I play the hcs playlist.
I don't get to watch every games, but I do try and tune in when it gets close to the finals. Usually some great clutch matches :)
It can be very interesting, you should watch it.
I try to watch just about every HCS online cup or tournament.
I miss a few there and there, just due to not being able to watch or not wanting to waste data.
Haven't watched it, but it could be interesting.
I do for many reasons, not just because its enjoyable for me but because it helps me better my Halo strategy and improve. Im a big competetive guy in Halo, so for me its really fun to watch. It benefits me. I love watching competetive sports, and Halo eSports is i guess the perfect fit for me! :)
I love watching Esports. It helps me get better ^-^ I still suck though XD
Gaming isn't a sport.
I watched some Twitch during the H5G Beta, but haven't since then.
If you're interested the Season 2 finals are in a couple weeks, you might consider checking them out.
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