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I am scouting players to recruit to a competitive Halo Infinite team. I am part of a group called Modern Gaming that has players in Apex Legends, Valorant and Dead By Daylight. All level players are more than welcome to try out, but our goal is to eventually qualify for the e-sports league soon after launch. Please think about this before you attempt to tryout. So please don’t waste our time. Play and come back when you feel you are at a level capable enough for competing. This is not a group intended to carry or tutor you to the level required for competitive. We are a team at the end of the day. We have to learn things from each other. If we feel you are not up to par, we reserve the right to bench you or terminate your contract at our own disclosure. We will be using Halo 4 as training.

1. Must own the MCC.
2. Must be willing to set time aside to focus purely on training sessions as well as competition dates.
3. Must be willing to work as a team and admit mistakes as well as take fair criticism. No egos here.
4. Can play on Xbox, but preferably PC.
5. Must have access to Discord as well as a microphone to communicate.
6. Must have a console or PC capable of running the MCC without issues.
7. Must be at least 18 years old or 17, but will be 18 by the time Infinite releases.

Other further rules and standards will be discussed if you are drafted. Payouts from tournaments and compensation will also be discussed in your contract. Tryouts will consist of a viewing of a couple of your games as well as a 1v1 against myself. Not to see if you can beat me, but observe how you may play in different scenarios.
If you are interested, add me on Discord or respond to this thread.
Discord: Catuhlyst#6171
I’m interested.

Here is my thread so you can see what I’m wanting as well. Looks like a good fit.
im interested in your offer and i would be down to try out with u my gamertage is callingcar8916