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Esports Brand (Recruiter) For Precinct Play

OP PrecinctPlay

Looking for players that are interested in playing competitive and being part of a growing esport brand.

Bio: Precinct Play aims to draw in users who are looking to step into the world of competitive gaming. Our focus is to bring a community of esport players who are looking to compete for prizes at a local level and pro level. To do so, we lay the foundation with our talent and strive to ensure a secure tournament experience for our e-players.

Follow us at our socials Tik-tok, IG, Twitter, Twitch
Requirements: Discord
Website: Sign-Up/E-form
Tournament Prize winners Must be 18yrs of age.
Minor Players: Get Future Exclusives.
Signed up! I've been playin competitive Halo for years so I'm lookin forward to this!
Just applied! Interested to see what you are looking for. Have been interested in joining a competitive team for a while now.

My name is scotty and I have been trying many different games to have a strong Esports foundation to rise and to make a name! I play on a very strong PC and a Xbox, this game is offering cross-platform play and Esports for all ecosystems, so pretty much i can work both ways. Generally speaking please give me this chance and contact me because I promise you, no one has the competitive fire that I have, I sit in my room for hours SEARCHING for new releases or games coming soon to get a jump on and to go pro, this is the one. Therefore my name is scotty reeves, I'm 17 turning 18, and the most respectful competitive person you will meet, i am good at almost every game and i am a very fast learner, please give me this chance!!!!!

Socials To Contact
  • Instagram @scottyreevesjr
  • Email -
  • Xbox @AstroNekts
  • Discord @Nekts#1861
Hi Scotty,

Thank you for your interest in our esport brand. We are always looking for E-players that are interested in playing competitive and are looking to start and gain momentum with a platform or brand. One of our special-ops team member should be reaching out to you via email.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at

Where do I sign up I been wanted a team for years!!!
Hi Kenpo256,

Be sure to have Discord.