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F/A for Halo Infinite


Hey everyone,

I’m looking to build a team for Halo Infinite. Yes, it’s extremely early but I want to start playing with some people who want to build chemistry and compete with when the game drops.

Please have some experience competing at LAN tournaments and good placings. My best placing was 9th in Black Ops 2, have placed top 16 in multiple others, and have some local LAN wins in the tri-state area (NJHalo, KOTC). Although it was CoD I mainly competed in, i’ve competed at the highest level, have great attitude, and started my early days competing in Halo 3.

I mainly play H3 on PC right now. Hit me up on twitter if you want to talk about playing some games.

Twitter: @CREA7URE
Hey bro, I just wanna say that you may wanna practice on halo mythic arena because there were some rumors/ leaks that halo infinite's multiplayer is going to be based around some of those main mechanics. Also in halo infinite there is seen to be sprint slide and clamber so halo 5 is probably your best bet to get ready for halo infinite.
Also if your playing on PC u should join my clan.PC master race bois