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Free agent players need team


This a form were players are seeking out a Esports. Where players can form contracts with variety of Esports team, or just forming a team.
very competitive player i use to play halo all the time and think if i can corporate with a well enough team and take my time i can be a huge asset to the team im a slayer but would be able to play objective probably nothing to serious until infinite but i would like to do practice 4v4s im tired of social play i also have experience with esports nothing to big but ik how the rules go and how important team work and practice means

I'm looking for a team as well. I need two more players to form a four man squad and look into competing at Atlantic, New Jersey in September. Message me if interested.
Hey, my name is Bryce Mater I am 19, and am looking to join a competitive halo team. I have competed in CSGO esea, Bo2, MW2, Halo Reach, Halo 4, and I competed early on in Halo 5 but the team fell through. I have a lot of experience in the amount of time that needs to be dedicated each week to practicing in watching vods, scrims, etc., so if you are still recruiting I would like to talk with you further about a try out for your team. I put in an average of 6-8 hours a day grinding halo 3 currently and maintaining my skill in halo 5. I competed in the following Lans Dreamhack Denver 2017, UMG Daytona 2017, Beyon 4v4 No Radar Invitational, Many Gamebattles Online tournaments, i56 (Halo 5). I took a break after 2017 as you can tell. If anyone is looking to join a team msg me or needs a free agent msg me on discord or DM me on here. Thanks Guys
Discord: Xampi#5382
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Ich spiele schon seit längerem alle Teile von halo.
Ich suche ein Team.
I am the CEO of Question Reality @questionrealit7 we are looking to put together a online team to do scrims against other teams. Those that do well will earn a spot on the team for HCS. dm us on twitter or though our website for more info

Ohio players
Able to travel
Show respect
use discord
Hello all, I am looking for 3 to join my team and compete in halo 2, until infinite comes out and compete in that, i used to compete in halo 2-4 already have a org just need players looking to grind and take it serious, follow my twitter and dm me or my org if you are interested.

Have a great day all
F/A looking for team or players to run with.
My tag used to be Anteeke back in 09/10 and I had a few points in H3
Im 28, can travel, willing to grind.

Join my discord if interested -