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Halo 3 2v2 LAN Tournament in Pennsylvania!


Hello everyone, hope everyone is having a good day.

PennHalo is hosting a 2v2 Halo Three tournament in Pennsylvania on October 26th. I will be helping them staff it. The tournament prize money is 1,000 dollars guaranteed. 600 for first place, 250 dollars for second and 150 for third place. Team passes are 70 bucks for each team and a spectactor pass will be 10 dollars for each spectator. There is a delicious ramen bar inside the venue and did I mention BYOB? Can't get better then that! We all want to help build up the Halo community again. This game made us who we are and WE all want to build this community back on the top! Let's do this! Share this with your friends and your family members who are interested in gaming.

More information inside the posted link:
Three passes sold so far! Let’s make this event enjoyable and memorable!
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Just letting the community know that PennHalo has a Discord for people to stay connected with the community. Stay updated for the 2v2 Autumn Assault that’s happening on October 26th and future events!
Good luck; have fun!
Twelve more days until the event!
Do you guys have any halo 3 tournaments coming up anytime soon?