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Halo 3 Team Recruitment

OP Xampll

This is a recruitment ad for the organization captivate gaming, I have partnered with this smaller team to put together a halo 3 team that can compete this fall at the scheduled lans primarily (Halo Classic in NJ). As well as the other lans and online tournaments that will be taking place. We will scrimmage, watch vods, map anaylzying, strat running, etc., whatever else is needed to further the progress of the team. If you are interested in this team the schedule will look similar to 4-5 days a week minimum of team practice as well as we expect you will be practicing outside of that team practice. My name is Bryce Mater and I am 19 I have competed in CSGO esea, Halo Reach (As a coach), Halo 4 (As a Player, Halo 5 in 2017 (As a player), as well as early on in my competing days I coached and competed in Bo2, and MW2 in cod but as more of side competitions. In Halo I competed in lans and online tournaments until I broke my arm in early 2018 and was out for 6 months because of it but since then been grinding to have another chance at competing. If you have any further questions about my background or who I am and my plans for running this team, please don't hesitate to bring that up when we talk if you are in fact interested in this post. We will be holding tryouts through July until we have a group of 4 competitive Halo 3 players. Below is my discord please add me on that to further discuss scheduling you for a tryout and any questions you might have, because I will have some. If you don't have discord send me a private message or below a brief description about yourself and a way to contact you.

Discord: Xampi#5382
Captivate Gaming Twitter: @CaptivateCPG