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Halo 5 Summer League Anyone ?

OP Thotteus

So after playing enough Fortnite for the whole community, I came across the Mixer Matchups Halo 5 Guardian Tournament, though due to tech difficulties I was only able to compete the first two days 😝😝But H5's Slayer playlist had a huge spike due to this competitive/monetary incentive. Reminding of the good ole days post H2 / later H3 Era. Now that I've handled my tech difficulties , the tournament is almost over but I can't help wanting more of this game play. Competitive driven finding games fast against actually good people!! Definitely realizing the decline in the community since Halo reach I believe it's now up to us to attract new and old Halo fans. With fortnite epic games being the behemoth they are they've done an amazing job gaining exposure for esports. I see that the esports scene for Halo 5 Summer 2019 is barren. Although there will be some competitive Halo being played at Dreamhack in the form of Halo 3 I'm not feeling nostalgic enough to go back in time I'm looking forward to the future of Halo. So what I'm proposing is we start our own Summer league right here from the forums !bill need help with this task so let's put our heads together