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Halo as a Collegiate esport

OP DirtFarmGaming

Hello All!

As a freshman at the University of New Haven (Go Chargers!) I would really love to see a college scene for Halo Infinite. I watch all our other esport teams compete in college-only leagues and it looks like so much fun compared to regular leagues. I would hope 343 could do something similar to what Rocket League has with its college league. It would be huge for the pipeline problem that esports has and would also just be totally badass! I have not seen anything about a Halo college league, other than a few-year-old Reddit thread, so I thought I would just float the idea here.

Much Love
Same! I'm currently gauging interest with my school's (USF) esports organization. Hopefully with the renewed emphasis on esports will bring it to colleges as well. One can only hope!