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HaloWC Oddball Preview Feedback Thread

OP Unyshek

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Try the newest game mode candidate for competitive play, Oddball, in the HaloWC Oddball Preview playlist! Also featuring Battle Rifle and Gunfighter Magnum as starting weapons, we're hoping to get as much feedback from you as possible.

Jump in and let us know what you think of the game mode, maps, and starting weapons in this thread!
Please tell me these changes to the HCS playlist are not permanent.
The Gunfire Magnum sucks. Just leave the BR. I don't want to just play Oddball on HCS.
I think that the br isn't as fun to use as the regular magnum, and the gunfighter magnum isn't very good for competitive play either because both weapons have a random spread. The regular magnum is so much more fun to use because it isn't a lottery of where my bullets go. The br shouldn't be a weapon in HCS period. HCS should only have the regular magnum and the tactical magnum, because they require the most skill. As for oddball, I don't have as much experience with it, but I've heard some people say that the maps in halo 5 don't play well for it because of the lack of maps where people can jump off if their setup is broken. That brings me to my next idea: There should be forge maps in competitive play like halo 3 and reach etc. There are so many talented members of the community that create maps for us to enjoy, but we aren't using them. Also there shouldn't be radar. It is a skill to predict where people are, and that creates more of a skill gap, ultimately making the game more competitive/fun.

Let me know what you think about my opinions and remember that these are opinions and therefore they can and probably will differ. Basically just don't bully me too hard ;)
Pls give us hcs and magnum starts back, its the only thing a lot of people have fun with h5( competitive wise) H5 is the magnum(regular magnum) dont change it, the br isnt bad but its not suited to be a start weapon in h5 :) pls consider this reply my self and a lot of other player would be so happy when hcs returns with magnum starts
I think the loadout weapons (BR/Gunfighter Magnum) are just not the best competitive settings for HCS. Doesn’t fit well for Halo 5’s pace. The DLC maps will never be competitive and it’s just not beneficial to test them anymore. It’s seems as if you don’t have the support to create new maps, but if you do i think that should be the priority along with testing oddball with pistol starts.
It just doesn't feel the same in this game. Magnum starts we're fine the way they were. What we had last season was the best possible recipe you guys could've cooked up. BR feels clunky, Gun Fighter Magnum has no place in competitive at all, along with grenade launcher. Oddball itself is fun, but there are many things to tweak about it, like the ball respawn times, the power weapons and power UPS on the map, and ball spawn locations. Some maps just aren't for oddball. World's I coming up, and I don't think anyone, especially pros and competing amateurs, would want to have to learn how to play with a new unnecessary meta. If anyone from 343 is reading, please listen to the pros and community on this one, we want what's for the best for this game, please don't turn away the people who have grown to love this game the way it worked.
oddball is good, starting weapons need to go back to magnum.
Neither the BR nor the Gunfighter should be starting weapons, the br has been ruined and the gunfighter was never a good weapon. This oddball test should have been done in social, why you would replace HCS with it, even for a short time is beyond me. And now since this new oddball test has gone live, the servers are awful, shots dont register, back smacks don' kill, and players are eating whole clips of pistol and ar and don't die, not to mention players lagging all over the map, this game is becoming unplayable... 343, you have one of the greatest game franchises ever in your care. Please, for all of us who love this game, start making smart decisions, fix the br (my personal opinion, I know) create NEW maps for slayer and HCS, and fix the servers. This game holds a special place for a lot of us, so please get it together!
The BR and Gunfighter magnum starts are awful and ruin the fast paced fun gameplay of halo 5. Also oddball needs to be set to score of 250 seconds to win and the only two good maps that I personally would like to see in the future would be Eden and Plaza the rest are awful.
oddball is great to play, but please put magnums back
This might be the most frustrated I have been since Halo 5 came out. All of these changes are so unnecessary. The fact that we are testing maps like Overgrown and using BR/Gunfighter as the starts, is ridiculous. The magnum has been the perfect starting weapon for 2 years and that shouldn't change just because the BR was nerfed. Making a gun less viable and then forcing people to start with it makes no sense to me. The worst part is that the gun is so difficult to use that we are forced to pull out a Gunfighter at close ranges. Are we going to have to put the magnum as a pick up on the map? The BR is so much more difficult to use but that doesn't mean it is better than it used to be. It's just not properly balanced anymore. Halo 5 is unique and way more fun than I care to admit sometimes but, I honestly feel like all of these changes are taking away that fun. The magnum should be the starting weapon. As for Oddball, I feel like it could work really well in the HCS if the right changes are made. The maps that should be seriously considered are Truth, Eden, Plaza, and The Rig. The other change that I would make is for the ball to have a respawn delay and for the ball holder to have a trust.

This game has so much potential to be great but I feel like the focus is on the wrong things. Lets make the servers as good as they can be. Lets find the game types that are most competitive. Lets fix the viewer experience for live streams. Lets stop trying to fix what isn't broken and make the game better with the best maps and game modes we have to offer. 343, please, use your community. Actually listen to us and use us to help you. Especially listen to your pro players. Forge is beautiful in this game and is more than capable of creating competitive maps.

HCS in Halo 5 isn't perfect. It never has been and this is not a step in the right direction. But, it can always get better. We just have to focus on the right things.

Lastly, if your'e going to test a ranked playlist, use Arena. Let me play HCS and test settings. Don't take away one to make room for the other.
BR & Gunfighter magnum starts are atrocious. The normal Magnum fits Halo 5 soo much better. The rifles have no real place in competitive play or maybe very limited use. They aren't fun to me, even in the previous balance. The pistol's aim assist, magnetism, & pacing are perfect for Halo 5. IF you REALLY want rifle starts in Halo 5. Use the DMR w/ Recon sight, but use the pistol's magnetism, aim assist balance, & fire rate. The pistol has the perfect feel for Halo 5. I cannot emphasize it enough. The BR/Gunfighter combo is MUCH LESS FUN & MUCH LESS COMPETITIVE (random spread on the BR & terrible hit registration on the gunfighter) than the magnum. Thank you for trying to improve the game & thank you for reading. Better luck next time. I haven't played ranked oddball but I thought it worked quite well in social when I played it.
Battle Rifle and Gunfighter Magnum starts really don't work well. The Battle Rifle is so inconsistent that I couldn't play more than three games without getting frustrated and just giving up. It's such a polar opposite to the Magnum which has a very distinct and satisfying feel to it. My suggestion would be to adjust the Battle Rifle ridicule to better illustrate how it preforms now after the tweaks as in my opinion would make it feel a lot more consistent. I understand it was too powerful before, but you've made it so bad that I literally cannot think of a single situation that I would take it over the default Magnum. The Gunfighter Magnum feels slightly better than the Battle Rifle, but it can only be used effectively in very niche situations, and even then it can still feel frustrating to aim. Controllers really don't do this weapon justice.

I played a ton of social Oddball and I can say without a doubt that to me it is the most fun social playlist Halo 5 has ever put into rotation. For once it felt like a true social playlist unlike the ones before it. It however did not translate so well to competitive. The map pool is rather small, and after playing a few games it becomes clear the maps where not made with the intention of a game mode like Oddball ever being played on them. Not to mention Overgrowth is still being put in competitive playlists despite the heavy criticism since the beginning.

I know it doesn't pertain to this playlists specifically, but quitting is still a huge issue. Halo 5 has undeniably put emphasis on the competitive scene since the beginning yet it seems that certain aspects that limit competitive play have been completely ignored. Things like the massive quitting problem and spartan charge remaining in competitive playlists are examples of this.

I hate to write such a negative post, but this playlist and the weapon changes in general really don't sit well with me. You had good intent, but you went too extreme. Changing little things slowly like harsher bans for quitting, a smaller RRR for the BR, or removing spartan charge would have been a better start. From a players perspective it's not fun to have to try and adjust to something this different after two years, especially when the changes don't seem to affect game play in a positive way.
Couldn’t you have just added oddball to the hcs list and weighted it a bit heavier than the rest? I miss my hcs playlist :(
Look i will straight up quit this game if you guys keep these settings the gunfighter mag is basically spray and pray and the br is trash as well with a random spread of bullets you are lowering the skill gap with this and not to mention your trying to change everything around two years into this game when we have been using the pistol since the start and mercy and overgrowth are not competive maps at all either stop trying to make them comp nobody likes them I dear hope you guys at 343 are reading this carefully coming from someone who puts hella time into this game and has been a champion /high onyx player since the start
If you want classic halo put it in halo 6 this is not the way to go this game isnt fun or competitive with these new settings
We're in the middle of an active season and you replace the HCS playlist with nothing but oddball. Why isn't it its own playlist?????? Oh right, because you need feedback on it and you know that NOBODY would play it if it was in its own playlist. Well there's your data right there boys! Oddball is absolute trash in H5. It does not work with the mobility in this game. Period. Stop trying. As for the new weapon starts... the BR is trash now. Get it out of here. Since the update, I never even picked the thing up and now I can't even drop the damn thing. The gunfighter magnum is also horrendous but who cares man. I'm over it. If I hear you guys decided to un-ruin your game I'll be back. Until then, im done.
The new settings are awful :/
So disappointing. Nobody is going to come back to this game because they hear about the gunfighter magnum/wonky BR combo. No reason to punish the players still left. Also the people that play the HCS playlist ONLY play that playlist. Losing that playlist will lose you all of those players. The social playlist people play multiple playlists.
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