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HaloWC Oddball Preview Feedback Thread

OP Unyshek

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Since absolutely nothing I say in the private calls we HCS Professional players have with 343, or the surveys we take the time to fill out mean absolutely nothing I figured Hey! Why not come to the forums and try my luck here!!

Let me put this into perspective.

It’s blatantly obvious the BR and Gunfighter post-update are the worst thing to ever happen to Halo 5: Guardians which is sad to say because we were forced to compete with Assault Rifles and Radar for a year and a half ( LMAO ).

The BR post update is the equivalent of filming an action sequence for Hollywood with the amount of blanks I am consistently shooting. The Gunfighter is honestly just super cheesy to use. It’s almost the same as shooting a semi-automatic SMG. Lol.

I tested these settings for DAYS with a wide variety of highly skills players, and also players who were also not near as skilled. No matter what group, it progressively felt worse game by game. At first it felt alright, but over time it became so obvious that this is the farthest thing Halo 5 needed.

This timing was beyond unnecessary in the first place. We finally had gotten to a point in competitive Halo ( I’m talking HCS and tournament play, nothing to do with other playlists ) where the settings actually made sense. The settings we were using pre-update were the most balanced game we had played since launch. Why change it? I don’t know. Doesn’t make sense.

This argument that the Pistol is now over powered is just absurd. The pistol is the most balanced weapon in the game. The only reason it seems “overpowered” is because they randomly decide to change the BR and DMR into literal NERF weapons.

EVEN SO, weapons tuned or not, I don’t see the issue in having Pistol starts with minimal weapons placed on the map. The most successful Halo has been in competitive history is during Halo 3 in which we had MLG running things.

There was a total of six weapons:
Battle Rifle ( Start )
Sniper Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Plasma Pistol
Sword ( On Heretic )

Why is it such a hard concept to grasp that we don’t need all these corny weapons in competitive play?
It just doesn’t make sense to have things like a Shotgun, Scattershot, or any sort of Automatic weapon in competitive play.

Realistically the competitive settings should be Pistol starts, with tier-2 Light Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Rockets, maybe a Sword with no speed boost, and maybe a Plasma Caster. Some weapons are are debatable like the sword, PC, shotgun, scatter, whatever. That could easily be worked out.

No community is remotely pleased with this update to say the least whether it be the Slayer kids, Doubles kids, HCS players, etc. If people are to be pleased, separate the competitive settings from the rest.

I’m not trying to sound entitled in the slightest but I’m honestly just stating obvious facts.

This will be my last and only attempt to speak out. I’ve made it clearly obvious on twitter what needs to be done whether or not I have gone about it in the right way.

I am UNBELIEVABLY tired of myself and the rest of the HCS community being unheard. It has been like this for over two years. Enough is enough honestly. Start listening, or the HCS will be dead. It’s plain and simple.

I am unbelievably grateful to have been able to compete in the HCS but this has just gone too far.

I will not be responding any further on the forum so if you’d like to respond to what I have to say, please tweet at me @Spartan. Thanks
Please listen to the pros!! They do this for a living and know what they are talking about!! If they like it than the majority of the other competitive players will like it as well! Just makes sense.
I've been enjoying the new settings, but maybe that's because I have grown completely bored of the old settings. I have been grinding this game fairly consistently since launch and it has really been getting stale for me as of late. Recently I've been strictly searching the Oddball Preview and to be quite honest I have a bit more fun with the new starts. Again, this could be due to the "newness" of the settings/gametype and the potential evolution of the meta as these factors tend to help a game feel fresh again. I am making sure I keep these factors in mind as I continue to form my opinions.

To elaborate a bit more, with the new BR I feel as if team fighting is far more important which is a plus as team fighting should always be encouraged in a Halo title. Also, with the TTK increase the overall sandbox feels more like "Halo" IMO as Halo 5 has some of the fastest TTK's of any Halo title. Personally I feel that TTK's that are overly fast can be a bit jarring for fans of the classic Halo titles, thus making the game frustrating and less enjoyable for those players. (Again these are all opinions. I'm not trying to claim any parts of this post as fact what so ever). The biggest complaint I have with the BR tune is that picking up the Light Rifle basically allows you to play the game on easy mode. The LR either needs to be taken out of comp or nerfed if it is to be going 1 on 1 with this new BR. In its current state the LR feels far too powerful in 1v1 scenarios.

Moving on, I believe the GF magnum is not perfect however it can be quite satisfying once you learn its effective range and how to pace your shots. After playing the new starts for quite a bit, perfect kills with the GF are so much more satisfying to me than those earned with the old Magnum as they feel far more difficult to achieve. This is most likely due to the varying amounts of effective range and reticle magnetism between the two variants. Another huge plus for me is that the GF has a realistic range for a pistol rather than being a pocket sized rifle like the current Magnum. If the GF is supposed to be filling the AR's role as a CQB clean up weapon it seems fitting for those avidly against automatic weapons (AKA the comp scene.) However, I am still forming my opinion on weather I believe the GF should be a starting weapon as it can feel a bit OP in certain scenarios. (More to come on that next week)

And that's about all I have for now on the new BR/GF starts. Tons of Halo will be played in the coming days and I will continue to form my opinions regarding the topic of BR/GF starts, as well as the overall sandbox tuning. This is simply my stream of consciousness and I don't expect anyone to agree 100% if at all. Plus I'm not a "PRO" so my opinion is worth about as much as a req pack is to someone who's reached 152. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for reading
Just want to say Cornbread that I've matched against you plenty of times since the update and you're definitely not suffering from the changes. GGs : )
Welp. Considering that these starts won't be used I am writing my time off as a loss. It's been fun guys but I'm just not feeling H5 anymore. The BR/GF starts were actually fresh and made me want to come back. However, at this point Halo 5 is as stale as 2 year old bread and I really don't want to keep eating it...

To everyone still grinding the game: good luck with your future endeavors! It's been an awesome 2 years. :)
I enjoyed so much playing with the BR just like the old times of halo 3-4, it felt like halo was coming back again to the old mlg style, it is true that some maps were small to play with the BR but it worked anyway, i know that is a change now that people it is used to the magnum but i think that it was a nice changed for the people that love past halo games, but for another part gunfighter magnun has to much recoil to be viable to use.
In my opinion 343 did a good job changing to the BR style i think it will be a waste to not have a competitive playilist without BR now that we are being tested it, it is competitive and it is solid be just have to play in close range with higher sensitivity to make it work but still competitive and it is a nice way to be prepared for the next game of halo series now that h3 anniversary is out.
So the key should be bigger maps, higher sensitivity without secondary weapon and that should bring us to something similar to old school halo.
It it worked, good job.
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