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How do u get a hcs pack
You can't at the moment OP sorry, it was only available for a short time last year. They may release it or something similar again closer to the World Finals in March :)
Really hope they do! I missed that chance when it came tound last time.
I hope they re - release it so I can grab it myself
Yea I spent 3 days grinding to get enough to get it, was worth it.
I agree. there will be more fans post-HCS Season 1, and as such they deserve to have the chance to own these perma-REQ's like those who supported it pre-finals. I say after the HCS 343/microsoft (whoever is actually in charge of this decision) should temporarily re-release the HCS pack, exactly as it was introduced.
I'm expecting them to re-release the HCS Pack during or before/after the world championships. I really hope they do because a lot of people didn't get it the first time around.
Thanks guys do u know if they are coming next year too?
I hope hcs pack will comebackk...... I want The White magnum do badddd
Just buy it in Req store but u need to wait for it it might actually comeback bcs There is pro Series goin on
Please don't revive old topics thanks