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HCS Settings Feedback Update -- December 12

OP ZaedynFel

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Dear Zaedynfel:
The Magnun on Oddball feels really good, and having the BR next to it, is better.
Odball is fun with all the new updates you and 343 did for us.
Thank for listened to us and for everything else.
Jack 0O1 wrote:
DoNu7 wrote:
Jack 0O1 wrote:
An issue I've seen from the community at large is that most people don't like having changes made to HCS filter out to the other playlists. OTOH, players of the HCS playlist feel that the opposite is a current problem where issues/settings from other Arena playlists are filtering into HCS. I have to largely disagree with removing those weapons you've listed from HCS since they're currently not getting much (if any use). Also, brute plasma & storm rifle are CRAZY strong to the point it's amazing they didn't get nerfed with the weapon tuning updates -- they're the strongest close & medium range weapons.
I agree with a lot of what you stated. HCS should always be separated from Slayer and Arena. I wouldn’t merge anything from those, except maybe turn Slayer and Arena into one playlist, but HCS should be kept separate like the MLG playlist from Halo 3. And you’re right, in HCS the players are so spot-on that the weapons I mentioned don’t make too much of a difference, so it doesn’t really matter that they exist there.

My opinion comes mainly from Doubles where there are a few maps that have multiple enemy-tracking weapons. If one team monopolizes them and runs a game with noob-shots and needler or suppressor, there isn’t too much the other team of two can do. Now if it’s 4v4 then it’s quite easy to clean up those players from multiple angles and team-shot because they’re going to have to reload. But when one clip of needles can supercombine two players, or the green-gun’s EMP is assisting in noob-shots, it’s just too easy for a 2v2 to constantly get cleaned up. Maybe this only becomes a problem when it’s 2v2 since the 4v4 games don’t seem affected.

Dropping Hydra ammo from 12 to 6 would be enough to force players to use it smartly and not just unleash 6 tracking missiles at once. And I know the Plasma Rifle and Storm Rifle are strong, but if the enemy-tracking weapons go away you still need something to offset for the maps that have Overshield. It’s not like they’d be abused anymore then they already are or more then the weapons I’m talking about removing.

Regardless, if my opinions are only valid in Doubles then I still plead my case because it is a very real problem against players who abuse those weapons. My partner and I enjoy the UNSC weapons so much in gunfights, we will grab the enemy-tracking weapons on problem maps just to holster them and force the opposing team to use the other UNSC weapons available to them.

Honestly, Doubles hasn’t been touched since their Valentines update I believe. I would thouroughly enjoy a late refresh that applied the changes I mentioned here. Maybe other players would as well, or maybe not.
I completely agree, doubles can get aggravating when the other team is hoarding said tracking weapons...a fresh update for doubles would be nice. As for HCS and this topic, I cant wait to try this update out.
Oddball needs a 10 second respawn (actually all obj game modes should have that but especially needed in oddball). People move too fast so the ball just stays in 1 spot the whole time because you don't have time to rotate it. The rig is probably the best map for the gametype. Don't really feel like regret or plaza work that well with it though. Still feel like mercy was a good oddball map but I guess I'm in the minority on that.
Oddball is a fun game my friends.
I love it ❤️
Thanks 343 😊
I think the ammo decreases were warranted, but I think a magazine needs to be removed from the Hydra to only have one spare.
Any chance we're going to see some changes to loadouts and placement within the maps with the update to frags and splinters?

The change to splinters is wonderful. I think everyone knows how imbalanced they were in the sandbox and I'm keen to see them in competitive settings.
The change to frags on the other hand....
If I were to throw a blind frag grenade to check if an enemy was in a place out of vision, I would be notified by a hit marker. Now this hit marker indicated I have damaged my opponent. Now because I cant see this opponent, I cannot gauge their proximity to the grenade upon detonation and thus I am unable to assess how much damage they have taken. The old frag was better is this circumstance, when you get a hit marker with a NEW frag grenade on an opponent you cannot see, you gain knowledge that there is a player(s) there AND you know they are at least half shield. Whereas before there was risk to push the unknown shield value of your blind grenade, you are now rewarded with free knowledge of a weak opponent.
The new frag is low risk high reward. As the grind for 2018 HWC hastens this will be exploited and a meta will establish around this imbalanced grenade if things are not changed to accommodate it. Easy to nade choke points and highly desired positions on the maps are going to be won by well placed frag grenades. As this becomes apparent, play could shift to avoid such risk to easy frag damage and could you risk showcasing HWC with settings that spawn players with 2 frag grenades that are nearly stronger than the weapons you fight for the right to pick up.

The 2 frags you spawn with are rather powerful, a respawning player has the opportunity to nullify the opposing teams advantage with a single frag let alone 2 of them. Vise versa, a spawn trapping player has the opportunity to frag the respawners with grenades that GUARANTEE minimal 50% damage upon hit marker indication.
The kills coming from frag grenades now feel more unsatisfying than they were before, not anywhere near the level of what the old splinter grenade was though. But you have access to an abundance of frags compared to the few splinters we had.

My recommendation -
If you have not already tested with the current HCS map layouts that have no splinters on them, you could simply change the spartan loadout to spawn with 1 or 2 splinters as opposed to frag grenades. Frag grenades are already placed on most of if not all the maps in rotation, and the splinter in it's current state is a much needed change to freshen the stale gameplay that we are currently experiencing.
Or change the placement of grenades on the maps.
Long term though, remove hit markers from them or reduce blast radius.
I was never a fan of Eden Slayer. Personally think that slayer should only be on Truth and Rig.

Also reducing the rocket ammo to 1 clip may result in less players going for it. Sorta how everyone stopped going for plasma caster on regret after the nerf.
i dont think very many ppl are fans of eden slayer
Dear Zaedynfel:
The Magnun on Oddball feels really good, and having the BR next to it, is better.
Odball is fun with all the new updates you and 343 did for us.
Thank for listened to us and for everything else.
how about adding

no radar for competitive halo, why would you have astros, and callouts if theres radar it would make the difference
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Skaduf wrote:
how about adding

no radar for competitive halo, why would you have astros, and callouts if theres radar it would make the difference
The feedback we've gotten from players is that they prefer the Ability Tracker over both the Motion Sensor and No Radar for Halo 5. The reasons we hear most are around the amount of mobility in Halo 5 with movement abilities. With no radar, there's no reason to not constantly spam all of the abilities, including sprint, with no great risk.

From personal experience, the high-end custom games I've seen with no radar have looked really chaotic.
.o. these maps are decent just curious on what is everyone capable of this upcoming event
Can you fix Heavy-Aim Zaedyn?
ok magnums are good at the start for headshots
Oddball is terrible on any of the maps that you have presented. Please look at twitter, as there are literally hashtags created to say how many people dislike Oddball lol.
Please remove oddball like 98% of pros and AMs asked for. You claim you added it due to feedback but no pro ever wanted it in HWC and every pro was surprised when it remained in rotation. Stop ignoring us and forcing us to play what you want. Oddball sucks, is boring to watch and play, the spawns are broken, the game is broken
Might want to turn your caps lock off :)
How About Adding All Of The Competitive Maps From Previous Halos That Did Well And Add Them To The HCS Or HWC Playlist
Simply Because The Majority Of The Halo Community Are Nostalgic Not Just The Competitive Scene!
Trust Me When I Say, That If You Added These Maps Halo 5 Would Really BE A GREAT GAME

Halo 2
Beaver Creek

Halo 3
The Pit

Halo Reach

But Add The Halo 5 Flavor To These Maps
Halo 5 was Supposed To HAVE DLC
So Make It Happen.
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