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HCS Settings Feedback Update -- December 12

OP ZaedynFel

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Skaduf wrote:
How About Adding All Of The Competitive Maps From Previous Halos That Did Well And Add Them To The HCS Or HWC Playlist
Simply Because The Majority Of The Halo Community Are Nostalgic Not Just The Competitive Scene!
Trust Me When I Say, That If You Added These Maps Halo 5 Would Really BE A GREAT GAME

Halo 2
Beaver Creek

Halo 3
The Pit

Halo Reach

But Add The Halo 5 Flavor To These Maps
Halo 5 was Supposed To HAVE DLC
So Make It Happen.
Would love to see this but with the sprint and other spartan abilities the maps won’t play well.
My very urgent suggestion would be to remove the option to leave a ranked game completely. Make them turn off their console or pull the plug if they really want to sabotage their team. But dont give them even the idea they could just go and leave. I saw other games doing it very well with punishing quitters, and with that remaining a good climate in every game session.
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