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[Locked] HCS Settings Feedback Update -- December 5

OP ZaedynFel

Oddball Progress
Oddball testing is going well. We’ve combined feedback from HCS teams and the threads here and arrived at a second pass on the Oddball settings which are already out in the file share for those of you who have been helping. The v2 versions just say, “v2” next to them.

The v1 version maps are ones that we’re still gathering feedback on for a v2, so please check them out when you have a chance as well.

As some of you have noticed, the updates are as follows:

Oddball player traits
  • Oddball carrier now moves at 90% speed (10% speed reduction)

Oddball traits:
  • Added a 3 second respawn timer to the Oddball

  • Empire – Replaced the Grenade Launcher with an Overshield given feedback the Grenade Launcher was a bit too strong.
  • Eden – No changes
  • The Rig – Added an invisible blocker to Tower One to address a collision issue

We are targeting next week for adding the Oddball maps that have worked well so far into the HWC Preview playlist.
Remove sprint. Increase base movespeed 120%. Remove radar. Remove DMR, BR, and all Pistol variants and choose ONE starting utility weapon.
The biggest thing that I saw being a champ in the playlist, and hearing the pros talk about oddball was is that empire sucks. Reason being is because you spawn and see the ball instantly. Imagine playing the ball red side and your whole team gets wiped out and because your team blocked outside blue, tower and red, the enemy team spawns blue plat and you can instantly see the enemy team grabbing the ball. Even though they executed perfectly and killed your whole To4. Same thing applies to Eden, same exact play, exact that map you're literally looking down st your enemy team even though you guys messed up and got your whole team wiped. There just seems to be no type of punishment and just too much rest/neutral play. Beyond that, it plays extremely well, and although it doesn't feel very Halo, it does compete very well as a game type. I believe that Empire should have that Overshield removed. Most of the pros believe that Grenade launcher should just have less ammo. I believe so as well. Thanks for listening to all this jumbled information.
Please think of something else than Empire. Strongholds is already crazy but even. Oddball is just chaos. Truth is much better suited. or even Stasis and Torque as bad as it may be ha. Something new.
Ayy NoVa wrote:
Please think of something else... Something new.
Something new (map wise) should've been a priority of this Oddball testing.
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Dear Spartans:
don’t worry too much about the map, the most important is to know if the mechanics are ok or not
  • “The Rig – Added an invisible blocker to Tower One to address a collision issue”
im glad that you guys did this but it made the jump from t1 to t2 inconsistent. I’m not talking about the spring jump from window to window but the little groove to the left of it. This could be fixed by either moving the innermost invisible blocker either towards bunker (preferred direction to keep the jump the same) or towards the barrels. If you don’t know the jump here it is

The 10% speed reduction is good.
Any weapon around the map will be ok, so far any player knows how to protect the player who has the ball or knows how to play oddball.
When does Oddball HCS release?