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HCS Update 5.25.17 - Open Circuit Cup Format

OP Tashi

Hey everyone, I wanted to drop a quick update on Open Cup format for HCS Open Circuit. I wasn’t able to respond to everyone who reached out to me, but we have definitely heard the feedback. Some Open Circuit players wanted the standard single-elimination Online Cups to move to double elimination entirely, while some Open Circuit players wanted to maintain the Open-Legendary split from last year. After discussing with Millennial Esports, we believe we’re able to accomplish both in time for this weekend’s cup. Here’s how it will break down:

  • Saturday: Open Bracket - Free open entry, double elimination bracket. Bracket stops at Top 8
  • Sunday: Legendary Bracket – 16 team, double elimination bracket.
  • Seeds 1-8: Top 8 teams from previous cup. Note: For Cup 1 these will be determined by the Top 8 teams in points.
  • Seeds 9-16: Top 8 teams from Saturday open bracket.
With this format change will also come a change to broadcast start times (4PM PT on Sundays now) as well as points breakdown. If you’re a competitor, see the full update and get the news here:
Additionally, we will be keeping a close eye on tournament run-time for both days (especially Saturday) to ensure it doesn’t run too late. Best of luck to all teams competing this weekend, and we hope you enjoy the show on Sunday!