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Recommend giving HCS Weekly [Twitch linked] a watch.
  • Episode 1 [YouTube linked]: Spartan, Ryanoob, Clutch, & Tashi! Host: TSquared
  • Episode 2 [YouTube linked]: TheShyWay & Onset! Host: TSquared
  • Episode 3 [YouTube linked]: Wonderboy! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 4 [YouTube linked]: The Competitive Halo Grind feat. Stress! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 5 [YouTube linked]: Becoming an Identity in Halo feat. AC7IONMAN! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 6 [YouTube linked]: Mikwen and Callous! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 7 [YouTube linked]: The Future of Competitive Halo feat. Knighty! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 8 [YouTube linked]: Josh Menke! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 9 [YouTube linked]: Snip3down! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 10 [YouTube linked]: Dreamhack Atlanta Preview Show! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 11 [YouTube linked]: HCS Grassroots, Dreamhack Atlanta, & UGC Halo Classic Announcement! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 12 [YouTube linked]: The Greatest Halo Team of ALL TIME! Pt. 1 Feat. Joe Fries Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 13 [YouTube linked]: Feat. Ace and Velly! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 14 [YouTube linked]: Feat. Heinz! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 15 [YouTube linked]: Feat. Muggsy and Vetoed! Host: TheShyWay
  • Episode 16 [YouTube linked]: Feat. Royal1 and Gabriel! Host: TheShyWay
Thanks for the links I didn't even know this existed.
ShyWay >> Worth every second!!!
Didn't know this was out there, thanks for sharing.
Gave last night's a watch with Wonderboy, quite a good conversation about the London event over the weekend. Wonderboy's work at the observation desk is always spot on, love to see him back casting again at some point
Updated the Original Post (OP) with Episode 3.
Updated the OP with Episode 4.
Updated the OP with Episode 5.
Thank you very much for posting these updates.
I also been watching his content it changed my perspective on halo 5 and I like this game a bit more because of him
Updated the OP with Episodes 6, 7, & 8.
I'm sure I'm not the only one but I'm loving these episodes! Grade A Halo content.
Updated the OP with Episode 9.
HCS Weekly is pretty awesome channel. Shyway does a great job especially, recommend checking out his channel as well if you already haven't great content and can really help you improve your personal game. Nice to see some people promoting these awesome channels in waypoint forums.
With so many Halo YouTubers pumping out content on other games, it's awesome to have people like ShyWay carrying the torch for competitive Halo 5 content.
Updated OP with Episode 10.
This is great content. Thanks for sharing!
Updated OP with Episode 11.
Updated OP with Episode 12.
Updated OP with Episode 13.
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