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HeadBusta F/A HCS Raleigh


I’ve been playing Halo since 04. I competed in a few MLG events in Halo 2 in the 06-07 seasons. I have placed Top 24 twice in FFA and Top 16 once. I only competed on Gamebattles in Halo 3. I would have liked to competed much more back then but I was a broke teenager with parents that hated the fact I was a competitive gamer.

I haven’t spent much time on H4 and I have spent zero time on H5. But I have continued to game at a high level throughout all these years mostly on COD and Pubg. I feel very confident in my Halo Infinite skills so far and I would love to form a team to compete in Raleigh this December. I will be playing MCC daily so please reach out in this thread, on Live, or by Email, if you are interested in running games.

GT- HeadBustaaaaa

Thank you!
I guess I should also mention what I am looking for in teammates.

First and foremost, be a decent human being. You could be the next Ogre 2 and I wouldn’t care if you are a rude person. I’m very big on respecting teammates and being supportive of each other.

2- Willingness to learn, grow, and adapt. In today’s games the Meta can change every couple of months so we need to be willing to change and constantly improve.

3- Composure and a positive mindset is crucial key to winning in this field. You don’t need to be a perfect human being, we all get frustrated sometimes. Just keep in mind yelling, screaming, and throwing little temper tantrums is a big red flag that you will crumble when the pressure gets going.

4- Be nasty at the game.
Got a team already, but here to wish you luck!
Got a team already, but here to wish you luck!
Thank you, good luck to you as well.