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How long have you watched the HCS championships?

OP assaultOtter04

Since halo 5 sadly
I've been paying attention to Halo eSports well before the HCS kicked-off with H2A within the MCC. I discovered the competitive scene of Combat Evolved towards the end of its primary life-cycle. At the time, it seemed like a true underground movement. But Halo 2 brought it to the forefront. And I followed it much more keenly during this period of time. I lost some interest during Halo 3 because (1) I was annoyed by the BR's random bullet spread, and (2) I was becoming annoyed by the toxic attitude of many within the competitive community when people had perspectives that didn't fit with the general groupthink mentality. Reach was a fairly low-point. The toxicity of the community seemed to be getting even worse. And the game's multiplayer wasn't very fun IMO with some of the decisions the developers made for its multiplayer. The Title Update did help regenerate some of my interest in the game and in following the competitive scene essentially from afar. Halo 4 didn't really seem to have a worthy scene to follow and the terrible toxicity within the competitive community seemed to truly boil over during this period of time. Oddly, it was the Halo 4 Global Championship that got me a bit re-interested in the competitive scene and because of that I was excited to follow the H2A HCS scene when it kicked-off; however, issues with the MCC tampered my interests a little bit. Halo 5's HCS scene was amazing. In many ways it reminded me of the early days. Too bad the toxic component of the competitive community still seems to exist and I think it actually held back the potential success of the Halo 5 HCS scene. Anyways, that's just my opinion.
Does the H4 Global Championship count?

If not, then the H2A tournaments with literal hours of downtime between matches because of MCC.
During Halo 3 I'd watch bits and pieces of tournaments, then watched little to no Halo until summer 2017 when I bought an Xbox and got back into Halo.

Now, I watch the tournaments pretty religiously. First Halo 5 tournament I remember watching was DreamHack Atlanta 2017.
I started watching since the beginning of Halo 5 but I wish I started watching during Halo 3.