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How often do you play comp halo?

OP Lyfe Earth

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UK1V wrote:
MGE Loco wrote:
UK1V wrote:
I’ve played in a few tournaments and series now, absolutely love it! I had to say goodbye late last year however due to life, playing competitively wasn’t paying the bills and my work is fairly hectic given the worlds current pandemic. I remember when I first signed up, I had managed to reach Champion a couple of times in Ranked and thought I’d be a contender, boy was I wrong! Some of these people are just naturally gifted and incredibly talented players. Something to aspire to!
big facts im always working and rarely have time to get as good as some who have all the time to grind it out. but on positive note i do get in some tournaments and comp leagues when i can manage too just for fun
Yeah I know the feeling, but I definitely enjoy getting in and involved still from time to time. Had a good scrim and stream last night with some other competitive players who share my passion for wanting to win 100% of the time haha.
you should check out our discord server join some custom 8s
I'm not good at competitive halo, but with my friends the experience is even better.
Playing with other Champion player help me become a better player and that's why I like playing a bunch of HCS.
I would like to capture the flag 5 against 5 with the MLG settings
playing with your friends is the best thing you can do to have a good afternoon of play
If there was more then just h3 and h5 I would be all over it
Not a whole lot, honestly. I mainly play Halo 5 Warzone, but I also play SWAT a bit so I can help my company get Achilles.
Almost everyday, but when it comes to tournaments I don't consider myself that good to play in tourneys.
every day pretty much, social isnt fun.
I dont usually play competitive Halo, in MCC population is low and if you dont play with partners, or friends, usually you will lose a lot of matches
I consider it rare now considering the fact that I went through five games in a row with teammates disconnecting.
Competitive is all I do!

Check out my stream every Thursday night at 9-10pm eastern time. I am working on doing it every night at the same time and really building a central hub for Halo gamers and the community to build back up better than it's ever been!


Wish I had more time to commit to play competitively. Would like to find a solid Fireteam to climb ranks with tho.
Very often
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