I kinda wish that HCS would go back to H5. Don't get me wrong Halo 3 was one of my favorite games of all time but the mcc version doesn't run like the original h3 did on 360. Imo the movement feels clunky and just the overall feel doesn't compare to the original h3. Also I've watched the h3 pro tournaments here in 2019 and I find it kinda dull but when I watch h5 I feel it way more entertaining now with the spring jumps shotzys does and "super jumping"(sprint, slide, thrust, jump) to certain points or across gaps. This is just my opinion but I really would like to see h5 come back in the pro scene until infinite has arrived. Like I said I love Halo 3 but I had it's time we are on the Xbox one now currently and should be watching a game made for the Xbox one not a remake(a not very good one imo) of h3 on Xbox one. Plus I feel with Halo 5 on game pass and advertising the pro tournaments on the front page that pops up to show you shotty Snipes or grifball is back(just an example). They could advertise the h5 pro tournaments on that page and maybe just maybe find some new fans of Halo Esports before Infinite. Idk what do u guys think?