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L4P to grind w/ for Halo: Infinite Pro team

OP Animated Fro

I’m dedicating all of my free time away from the stock market into the MCC to prepare for Infinite. I plan on going pro & I need people who take this seriously.
I’ve played every Halo since CE. I started committing myself back to this game about 2 months ago & have started destroying since. If you want to grind, add: Animated Fro on XBL. Let’s get it👊
Hi man, where are you from please ? (timezone) I too want to get into competition and do my best to go pro if we have the opportunity :)
(I used to do a bit of competition in reach and 4, loved it. Now that Halo is back... I really want to get into it with Infinite !)
Hey bro, I will add you, I am gonna be streaming live pretty much every night starting this Thursday just for Halo MCC matchmaking.

Let's build the community back up to what it should have become before instead of dying out!

My GT is H2Quixster.

Streams are either on youtube or twitch.
Good luck
Good luck
Sent you a message and friend request. I’m all in on this too! I want to get involved with tournaments and eventually go pro too. I’ve been a part of all the Halos and used to be pretty competitive, before I converted to PS for a few years. Now I find myself back on Xbox more and rediscovering the allure of Halo all over again. I need a good group of folks to grow with and become competitive with. I’m looking forward to the direction Halo is about to go and I truly believe it’s time for the community to get back to what it once was and become the competitive place to be again! Cheers and looking forward to hearing from you!
Hey brother I've been putting in work daily and plan on competing in all the Infinite events. I stream daily on twitch as well. Add me on XbL gt= the amazing c4

If you wanna watch my stream.
Nice but have you already got a 50?