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LF ppl to grind with to compete in Halo Infinite

OP Starsuuna

Used to compete in Halo 3 and Halo Reach. Attended multiple MLG events and recently have been getting back into Halo in prep for Halo Infinite. Looking for people who want to grind out H3 until Halo Infinite releases. Also, hope to have some type of team or To2 by release to compete in tourneys, GB, ranked, etc. Add me on Disc or MCC;

Discord: Dogking#2041
XB: Starsuuna
Hello :)
I am in search of players as well.
I'll add you.
My steam: TritonSol
Discord: Triton Sol#1548
Que tal, somos 2 quienes estamos buscando competir en la salida de Halo infinite, en torneos, GB, clasificatorias, etc.
Xbox: Joka9623
Discordia: Joka #9049
Also looking for teams!

Xbox Live: iTzDoctorDooom

I will add you all as well!
YOOO bois i am also tryna play was dimond 5 back in my time