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LFT for Halo 5 Open Tournament

OP Blitz SD

Hello all,

Looking to form/join a team for the upcoming Halo 5 open tournament(s). I am 22 years old and I live in the NA East region

I played in the H2A faceit tourneys back in June with moderate success on last minute teams (Top 32 in week 1 and 2), and I also have competitive experience in Titanfall and Splitgate. I won 1 tournament in both Titanfall and Splitgate each, and I also have two other top 4 finishes in Splitgate.

Just started using a controller again so I'm a little rusty but I'm hovering around Diamond 4-6 in the solo queue arena playlist

My twitter is @Blitz__SD and my discord is Blitz#2974. Feel free to hit me up on waypoint or my twitter or discord.
Dude add me gt PEACECRAFTZ and I been looking to find a team or good ppl to play with
OK bro get me hooked up