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OP AshamanND

First of all, I am really excited about

I think it is great they are going to use the Maestro service, I feel like it has worked really well for Gears.

So, does anyone have any ideas what kinds of goodies and rewards there might be, other than the grassroots nameplate in MCC and skin in H5?
Gear is always nice.
Gear is always nice.
I imagine they might tie it into the new progression system that is going to be implemented in MCC. Perhaps some 'credits' or points, or whatever it is we will be using to unlock items.

They could also give out H5 req packs.
It's live now and looks great, still wished maybe there were more content creators. Perhaps in different regions too like ASPAC streamers and more EU, AUS...
And now it's gone?

Anyone know what happened to it?
Im not sure, hopefully a bunch of reqs for Halo 5 and maybe some exclusive skins.