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Looking for 2 members to form an eSports team

OP GangstaaWise

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Hi my name is Austyn Zenner I am interested in the team.
Do you play halo on pc or xbox?
i would be interested for Halo Infinite for sure if your still looking for people. Just text BADDMASTER11 gamertag and talk to me about some team scheduling and things and we can go from there
add me on xbox: GT: MLG Alienz
i would like to join
halo hcs is kinda dead, dont know why they stopped hcs tourneys
damn dude, how I would like to participate but now I just moved to Turkey due to family problems and I don't know when I return to Canada, how unlucky I am, well for now I will dedicate myself to practice and create my team in the future
I Love Halo so much and grew up playing the game, My goal is to become a pro oneday getting better everyday and putting at least 3 to 4 hours a day. Im a team player and willing to earn any opportunity to become apart of a team.
If this thread is open id love to have you guys consider me gamertag is xK1NGxSPAC3x710 i play arena fairly often play more swat tbh but id be willing to make the switch to focus on arena and improving
How often does the team compete ? Or how often would your new members compete ?
DecBot wrote:
Not trying to shoot down the plane but... there are no more Halo 5 tournaments being held as far as i'm aware.
Probably not at the HCS Level, but lower tier tournaments are still ongoing. Plus I know it says Halo 5: Guardians, but in reality the team is getting ready for Halo: Infinite.
What are you going to do for the year wait between Halo 5 with no tourneys or comp scene/streaming when mcc on PC comes out? What about PC being on Mcc and Reach?
Team chemistry is Just as important. Find some players to gel with. Easier said than done. GL HAVE FUN
Hello is there still try outs going for this Esports team, i would like to tryout. There is Halo 5 tourneys coming this FEB,
Are you still looking for people or need people? I know it’s been two years but I’m looking for a team for these weekend pro series tourneys
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