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Looking for 3 for a sponsored team

OP Poseidon GMK

I am currently looking for 3 to play PGL's ESL's GB's and HWC in the coming months.

Given that this game has been out for a month now its safe to say that if you want to hit onyx in a playlist, and are good enough, you can.

As such, I am asking people be Onyx in Arena or Onyx in slayer w/ high diamond in arena.

My normal hours of play/practice are eveninings past 9PM EST to around 2AM EST

feel free to message me on here or in game,


Poseidon GMK
Still looking?
Hey looking for serious team. I just don't have luck with good teammates in solo to reach onyx but I know I'm good enough to keep up with good players my gamer tag is. Rebel st
interested ill be on all night tonight just send me a message if you wanna run some games
Seeking a serious team as well. Add my gt Warriorkilla8. Let's do a couple of games
I'd be down, your play times sync up perfectly with mine. GT is charliedubnut. msg me or something online!
Inv anytime XL MUDCAT LX
Looking for team, very good send me a message if you want to go a few rounds. I'm on by 6pm CST everyday
add my gt lets play
I'm interested - hit me up.