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Looking for a Halo 5 team

OP MLG Alienz

My name is Mendel 24 years old, Recently got back into competitive halo 5 and was wondering if there are any teams out there that need another player hit me up on xbox: MLG Alienz
also play Reach 😌

love to hear from someone!
Hey man I'll add you, we mainly have been playing Reach as it's the game that there will be tourneys in, but I've been getting on H5 more often lately. We are a to2(possibly 3 waiting to hear back from a friend) so we really need to get a full squad together
yo estoy disponible para jugar
Hey Mendel we’re looking for a 4th. We’re on quite a lot. We mostly play Slayer and not as much MLG customs, but if you’re interested message me! XBOX:TussalJupiter52

We’re high onyx / occasionally Champ. We could be Champ more consistently with a good 4th!
Hi my name is Will, 25 from the UK and recently also got back into halo 5 competitive and would love a team to play with as atm it’s random teams for me haha my Xbox gamer tag is ItsBuds add me if you are looking for a player
What can you offer Spartan? Impress Me.