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Looking for a Halo Squad

OP NoLimitsNick

Good day, fellow Halo players. I'm looking for players to play competitive Halo with. I've looking for a new scene to play in (coming from Destiny 2) and take on new challenges. I've been playing Halo all my life, since Halo CE on the OG Xbox. As a player from Destiny 2, I was the team leader for my group's World First raid team where we earned a couple of jackets with week one kills. I've established decent call outs when playing ranked PvP over there.

So what do i bring to Halo?
Well, for one, being a team player. I'm not someone who ALWAYS needs the sniper. If I have a teammate who's better at it than me? I'll let them have and I'll stick to more CQC weapons, like the shotgun or Sword.
Second, is playing the objective. If I'm in a game like King of the Hill, I'll dedicate myself to the hill, while my team position's themselves with powerweapons and kill the enemy team or take down their shields so I can just headshot them before they knock me out of the the hill.

Finally, I'm a coachable player. I'm open to criticism because I want to improve and be the best player I can be. I know already I can improve my call outs and I need to learn more of the maps. But I'm open to feed post game.

I got Halo MCC on Xbox and PC. The Halo games I'm into right now are Halo 3 and Halo Reach. I do live on the West Coast (PST) and mostly available at night. If your team has an open spot or is interested in just pushing up to rank 50 on MCC please feel free to contact me here or on other platforms.

Discord: NoLimitsNick#0397

Xbox: NoLimitsNick

Steam: NoLimitsNick
Discord: NoLimitsNick#0397
Is this GT still good? I'm having no luck adding you on discord.
Add Lilbasedgodswag on Steam. I play only Halo 1 MCC PC though but I need a doubles partner. I'm on east coast though.
I can teach you and we shall win ;)