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Looking For A Halo Team

OP Dat1Shot5469

Hey Guys. I am looking for a Halo Team to go pro with. I am 23 years old. I am hardworking. I am very dedicated to halo. I found one guy and need 2 more guys.
I am looking for experienced players that can teach me and my Teammate new things about halo comp that I do not know yet.
Must have mic.
Must be kind.
Must be dedicated.
Must want the same thing as me.
No toxic behavior of any kind allowed.
Must be able to work as a team.

Thank you for your time,
My Gamer tag is Sniper21777
We could play together.

Think it would be fun to play with active players.

Send me a message some time.

Not online often (especially since school's a little much) but I am a bit good, as long as I do not have a team that weighs me down

Maybe DM me via XB live and we could work out some sort of deal!
Gamertag: JamesTDG
For which game? Me and my friend are looking to team up for halo reach hardcore. Also what times are you able to play?
Sorry for the REALLY late reply, but, I am able to play mostly on weekends, I got all of the DLC for MCC available and I even got all Halo games for both 360 and One (including a copy of the original halo game)

If you want me to join you guys right now, I sadly have to be working on 100% all of the campaigns atm, I need those campaign achievements!
message me, GT is Fqith
Will do that later, sorry for the quite late reply, school's been pretty busy.
If you are still looking for a team, i have a org, just looking for 3 follow my twitter and DM me, i competed in h2-4
GT: The xArsenic
GT: PEACECRAFTZ shoot me an invite all I play is halo