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Looking for a Team to do GBS,Tournaments and LANs


A serious player who wants to take my skills to the next level and make something outta of it. Looking for 3 other players who also have the same mindset and goal to go pro and do this for a living. Want dedicated players that won’t give up from loses and able to take criticism and feedback.
Same bro. I want to go pro as well. I'm willing to learn and take constructive criticism. My gamertag is Sniper21777
Same here i really wanna do skrims and take it serious, put my skills to the test
If you still need one add me GT AVeryCoolTurtle
Any of you play on PC and have Discord?
If you're still wanting people add me! GT: NBKxxKarnigxx
I'm in the same position. Gt: Gonzalezii
Same here, german professional halo player, looking for a clan for competitive halo games. Doesnt matter what halo, im down for every single one.

Hope you might got interested, GT is: V ii T IR e X
Sparta HCS is my GT
Ive been looking for the same thing. Used to play halo 2 compeitively back in the day.

Hit me up on xbox GT: A1337DOOMBISKIT