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Looking for players/team for the H5 tournaments

OP TheOnlyKoki

Played Halo 5 since the beta and took a break in 2018 when Halo 5 had its last tournament. Grinding Halo 5 until Infinite releases and really want to play in the Open H5 tournaments. Looking for people who are committed to the grind, Onxy/Champ in Team Arena atm. My Xbox gamertag is TheOnlyKoki, Discord is Koki#3189. Message me if interested.
Im down, I sent you a friend request on discord, Im onyx rank atm and down to practice 6 days a week
Hey man, sent you a friend request on discord. Just started to play again after a year and a half on PC. Currently Diamond 5 in FFA and the solo queue playlist. I also competed in the first 2 H2A FaceIt tourneys on PC with moderate success