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Looking for team for HCS

OP brochachofy

Looking for a team. Got mic, got time, got skill. Let's run some games.
Im looking for a team too. Im down to make one.
Gamertag: ToloColo
My team actually has room for 2 people. What times can you guys play? I usually work till about 1130-12 and nights i'm off i can generally be on by like 9
In pacific time, im free after 8pm during the week and anytime during the weekend.
Solid man you all registered on the mag website so I can shoot you an invite?
Im gonna register right now. Yeah send me the invite
alrighty let me know what your username is so I can send you the invite
Im registered. Same as my gamertag ToloColo. Whats the name of the team?
Alrighty you should get the invite shortly. Team name is The Chachbags
Am i supposed to get it through email or xbox?
should come through the mlg website i think
You should be good to go. I'll send everyone an xbox message tonight after I see what matches I can register us for
add me GT- N o o o K
Noook and sivart, messaged both. Bump