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OP SpiralJigSaw

Hi everyone,
Hope we all having a wonderful day as you read this. Start off by saying this post is waiting for the big man himself to show himself to us as we wait for the game. I'm looking for Competitive players like myself that want to go above and beyond with there skill levels. That do want to travel to Competitions and online Entering comps and scrims. I've got a team name ready and logo in mind but waiting for that special 4 to take over the halo world. I have re-buy a xbox just for halo itself and no matter what they bring out. I will be ready to play it. My back ground of halo is all love but not 4 and 5 even though 5 pick it up but i was too late and sold it as i didn't feel the game was halo i once love. I don't have any xbox friends as all mine are Ps. My GT: SpiralJigSaw im playing halo 5 as i get ready as this man is rusty and need to get the hang of the halo feel as i played warzone and was 700th in the world of wins. I'm 28 years old so 18 and over is needed for this. I will be streaming my games, im no big time streamer and probably won't be but this is my last shot of competitive gaming before i have to hang the controller up. If you read this and kinda see what im looking for. Please can you point me to the right Direction of finding people that are having the same mindset that i do. Thank you for reading this post and hope to see you on the battle Field soon Spartans
Im from Scotland bud, gimme an add and lets run some games :) XBL: Joezki
I will send a add, There no reach so it's back to H3
Im down
Sounds good im from the UK hit me up! GT: Kyloshian
I have been playing Halo for 9 years and I wanna do something more with my skill.
Hypxrcide wrote:
Im down
Is your GT Hypxrcide?
I'm in Spain right now.. hit me up, GT granati