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Looking to join a competitive halo 5 team


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Anyone is the pacific time zone who plays around 8pm 9pm till whenever??
Eastern time here, I play Elimination and am currently ranked in plat 4 if anyone wants to add and play with me and a couple friends.
I've been wanting to join a competitive halo 5 team so I can get help to be a better player I'm willing to join any team. Just send me your gamer tag.
Edysseus wrote:
I'm eager to see which will be the teams to join!
Definetly mate! :)
Hey I like do you join your competitive team if you’ll have me . Trugamer7869510
OP or anyone else still looking?
Im a skilled halo player who is looking for a competitive team
Im also 14 years old but im still always looking for an opportunity to meet new people
Message me or add me to play some rounds
How do i join a tem am a decent player
We're actually a new Spartan Company with all active members and will be be forming a pro-team very soon.
Come check us out:
More than what's needed in a team.
I’m looking for the same kind of people
im looking for a halo 5 team aiming for esports
my team is called team dizzy, last tournament we placed 3rd in 2v2s and we are looking for 1 more permanent player and 4 reserves dm me on xbox if interested
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